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UNOGAS TECH Srl: it is specialised in the sale of energy services and operates by a strategic choice in the areas of Milan, Turin, Genoa, Verona, Bologna, Florence, Livorno, Rome. The experience gained during the years allows Unogas Tech to:


  • Draw up feasibility studies for the bringing up to standard of the systems, for retrofit upgrades and for the he elimination of any functional shortcomings found in the building-installation system.

  • Design, within the framework of transformation or upgrading initiatives, parts of heating and cooling system, adopting innovative solutions aimed at achieving efficiency, reliability and safety as far as energy saving is concerned.

  • Study innovative energy systems for the simultaneous production of electricity and heat (co-generation).

  • Perform energy renovation interventions including the replacement of heat generators, and the installation of systems for environment temperature regulation, for heat accounting and for the adjustment/remote control of the heating unit.


Within the framework of multi-year contracts, Unogas Tech is available to pay for the expenses associated with the interventions for the renovation, the transformation and the accounting of the delivered heat, including system management and maintenance.
These commercial offers are reserved for the household and tertiary segments.
Our portfolio currently includes approximately 200 multi-year contracts, with an overall turnover amounting to about 5 million €.
Unlike the presence on the territory of the commercial network, the organisation model requires that the technical function is centralised.

Offices in Milan: Via Caldera, 21 - Milan
Offices in Genoa: Buenos Aires, 6/3 – Genoa