Electric power customer reading

Unogas fornitura gas metano energia elettrica in tutta italia risparmio energetico privati aziende Electric power customer reading

Electric power customer reading

Electric power customer reading

Customer reading 
You pay for what you use 

We propose you a new, easy and simple way to provide your customer readings, allowing you to always keep up-to-date the trend of your energy consumptions.
Fill in the following form to provide the reading of your consumption, or send an e-mail to the following address autoletture@unogas.it specifying your personal data and the reading of your consumption.

Mandatory fields

(in case of one hourly band meter just specify the reading in A3):

To submit this form type into the SAFETY CODE field the character sequence shown in the figure. Contact the webmaster if the code is not displayed
Codice - Contatta il webmaster se il codice non viene visualizzato   
* CONSUMPTION: difference between today's readings and the values read at the end of the previous month.