Unogas fornitura gas metano energia elettrica in tutta italia risparmio energetico privati aziende Reductions



Methane gas supplies are subject to the national consumption tax and to the regional surtaxes, with rates differing according to the location where the users reside and to the usage type, whether civil or industrial. In some cases rate reductions or exemptions shall apply.

Reduction of the national consumption tax.

Who is entitled to them: the Customers using methane for the production of electricity, for co-generation (combined production of electricity and heat), for industrial, craft and agricultural activities in rooms located inside the plants, laboratories and companies in which production is carried out. Industrial uses include the use of methane gas in hotels, in restaurants, no-profit amateur sport facilities, as well as the lodging facilities managed by no-profit institutions providing assistance to disabled, orphan, old and deprived people.

How to get it: the request must be submitted along with the supply activation application, or later, enclosing the following documents:
- declaration of responsibility signed by the legal representative, in two copies;
- original Chamber of Commerce registration certificate, or self-certification including all company data;
- attested affidavits.