Stations using Unogas methane

Unogas unogas stations methane gpl green ecology saving money pollution Stations using Unogas methane

Stations using Unogas methane

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Stations using Unogas methane

Methane is an excellent fuel for engines, as it doesn´t generate any fine dust and, among the currently available fuels, is the one which contains the least amount of pollutants. As it contains no sulphur, lead compounds and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, methane is one of the most environment.friendly fuels currently in use.Its benefits are particularly evident in cities, where by now methane-fuelled cars can also be parked in underground environments. As a consequence the purchase or conversion of methane-fuelled vehicles is encouraged through state contributions, through he reduction or elimination of the vehicle licence fee and through the authorisation to circulate even in case of traffic ban. Price is very competitive: 1 kg of methane provides 11,450 kcal and costs approximately 0.95 Euro/kg, while 1 kg of Diesel oil provides 10,200 kcal and costs approximately 1.8 Euro/kg. As a consequence, 1 kg of methane is cheaper and its calorific value is higher than that of Diesel oil, which is more expensive.


Stations using our methane:

  • Via Manara 20 VIGONZA di Padova

  • Via Treviso PORTOGRUARO Venezia

  • Via Vicenza loc. PONTEDORO Schio VI

  • Strada Val Nure PIACENZA


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