Safety assessments post counter

Unogas fornitura gas metano energia elettrica in tutta italia risparmio energetico privati aziende Safety assessments post counter

Safety assessments post counter

Safety assessments post counter

Inquiries regarding the security of plants natural gas distribution network lace to town 
Your safety, our priority 

Resolution no. 40/04 and subsequent amendments and additions adopted by the Authority for Electricity and Gas, provide actions and obligations intended to ensure safety in the construction of natural gas facilities, which are used by the end customer.
Are excluded from the application of this Resolution of the Authority, the natural gas facilities reserved for a type of manufacturing / industrial or handicraft.
The implementing regulation is published on the Authority´s website and places an obligation on distribution company, to make the starts of methane to the positive outcome of the assessment documentation showing the correct installation.
This documentation is released by the installer to the client and then transmitted to the Distributor responsible for the area no later than 90 calendar days from the date of the request for activation of the supply, after this period such documentation will not be accepted by the Distributor and void your practice.
To obtain the activation of supply, it will be necessary that the customer submits a new request.
Unogas Energia SpA, as a company selling natural gas, makes available to its customers, depending on the various types of requests, all the documentation necessary to fulfill regulatory above.
As an example, we wish to present, the specimen documentation required for activation requests for the supply of natural gas that can not be used to send the Distribution Company and that can be downloaded to the relevant information, click on the names of annexes designated.
Full documentation will be provided through our sales network, able to support our customers, for the avoidance of all practices concerning the implementation of the resolution no. 40/04..



*used only in the case of the previous suspension of supply for non-safety.


The compilation of Annex H, with the identification data of the supply which must be communicated by the Company for the sale of natural gas, it is Customer´s responsibility, while the installation company which built the plant must fill in Annex I and Mandatory Technical Appendices equired to certify the proper execution.
The documentation referred to above, duly filled in and signed by the Stakeholders should be sent to the Distributor for the appropriate checks, in respect of which, if successful, will authorize the activation of gas supply.
Any further information regarding the compilation of the Annexes H, I and those Technicians Required, can be viewed directly by consulting the website of the Society of gas distribution, responsible for the area.
Also, if you visit the Italian Gas Committee´s website, you can refer to the technical document of address and reference "GUIDELINES CIG 11" for proper implementation of resolution no. 40/04.
Unogas Energia SpA provides its Customers also all the informative annexes, established by Resolution mentioned above, which relate to:


ANNEX G: Attachment activation of providing information (pdf format).

ANNEX F: Annex informative estimates of work (pdf format).