Quality levels of commercial distribution service.

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Quality levels of commercial distribution service.

Quality levels of commercial distribution service.

Under the Authority for Electricity and Gas no. 164/08 updated with the next n. 574/13, all Local Distributors must adhere to strict rules in order to ensure quality to customers, with regard to technical performance.

In particular, according to the Consolidation Act for regulating the quality and tariffs of distribution services and gas metering for the regulatory period 2014- 2019 (TUDG), we have been provided specific quality levels, differentiated according to the class counter, which must be respected by Local Distributors, to avoid the application of automatic compensation of the Customer "damaged".

In particular we would like to point out some technical performance of competence of distributors, for which the TUDG plans as well as relevant indicators and specific levels of quality, even the automatic compensation, applied as a result of the failure to meet the schedule:


The TUDG also establishes, in order to enable companies Distribution precise control aimed at monitoring the quality of services provided, a standard benchmark of quality (indicator) refers to all the services previously identified, according to a minimum fixed by the Authority as general level acceptable. For example:


Indicators of quality of services provided by the companies Distribution General Level
Minimum percentage of requests to perform complex jobs completed within a maximum of 60 working days 90%
Minimum percentage of motivated replies to written complaints or written requests for information relating to the distribution communicated within a maximum of 30 calendar days 95%

For any further discussion on the subject of quality levels specific and automatic compensation: